Whoop Ass Story

LeRoy Mercer is an internationally known name for the comedy of a very genuine sounding prank caller. A prank caller that pranked Eddie's Auto Parts and has been heard for over 20 years around the world. Most people don't know anything about the famous LeRoy Mercer, or who he really was. The often imitated but never duplicated man behind the personality was John Bean. John died August 18, 1984 at the young age of 33. He died from the radiation treatment used to treat Hodgkin's Disease back when he was in college. It was said that John was living each year he had as though it was the last year he had. It was a couple of years after John had passed that a family member thought that the tapes should get out
and let the world hear. Though the speed in which the tapes took off were far beyond what anyone could expect, they were released in the hope to spread the laughter that the tapes brought to his family and friends and to share it with the world. One of the prank calls, one of the more notable calls, was place to Eddie Harvey at Eddie's Auto Parts. Eddie is an easy going fellow until you try to push him and when you push him...look out! “Roy” called Eddie complaining about an oil filter that Eddie had sold this gentleman and the filter caused LeRoy's motor to blow. After accusing Eddie and telling him that he was going to replace the motor or risk an “ass whoop'n” Eddie lost his cool. It was hilarious!