Auto Parts

Eddie got into the parts business after the Japanese war. He went to the bank to get a loan to go into business. He was first denied, but after the president of Fountain City Bank, Claude Myers, found out that Eddie was a good welder he made Eddie a deal. If Eddie would weld the swings at the Fountain City Park he would get the loan to start his business. Eddie, who was no stranger to hard work, happily welded the swings which are still standing. Being in the parts business, Eddie made an easy entry into the World of racing. First he was sponsoring cars, then he ended up owning a car, and then he ended up driving the car. Eddie loved racing and enjoyed being an active racer for the better part of seven years. After several injuries, Eddie decided that the risk vs reward was not worth it. He still enjoyed to sport, but didn't race after 1955.
Eddie had a great business working on little Ford Coupes that the Newport bootleggers drove. He had mechanics that specialized in working on those cars and would refuse working on anything other than those cars. Thunder Road... Rufus Gunner is the Worlds most famous bootlegger and the man that the movie "Thunder Road" was about. Eddie Harvey and one other guy were Rufus Gunner's personal mechanics. Eddie and Rufus were real good friends. Now a part of the story that has never been written and is exclusive to his official site here, Eddie was the person who found Rufus Gunner's body. Eddie crossed the mountain and found Rufus's car wrapped around a tree. Eddie went back and told the authorities about his whereabouts. Eddie was the man who paid for Rufus Gunner's funeral.