The life of Eddie Harvey is one that the younger generations would likely never know. Being born at the beginning of the Great Depression, Eddie learned how to live a less than moderate life. Doing so enabled him to see the importance of hard work and the understanding of “do what it takes to make something happen.” Eddie did just that. A fascinating life from the past is being brought to life here at Eddie was born in Maynardville, TN in 1922. He had 3 brothers and 1 sister, spread between Michigan and North Carolina. Finding his first true love, Alice, he married in 1941. He meet Alice when she was 15. She worked in the Cole's Drug Store where Eddie often shopped. One day Eddie went into the store to do some shopping and this is when he laid eyes on Alice. When asked, Eddie will tell you that it was love at first site. He knew that when he first meet her that she was the one that he would have to have. Alice passed away over 40 years ago. Mr. Harvey was lucky enough to find true love for a second time and married his loving wife, Barbara, of over 40 years. Barbara, being so proud of her loving husband is the mastermind behind the Eddie Harvey online museum. Eddie's first job came at the age of 16, where he was a delivery boy for Western Union. He made is rounds on a bicycle. He started this job back in 1938 and was happy to be working. I asked Eddie if he had the opportunity to do something over in his life, what would it be? A very simple
one word answer from the colorful Harvey, “Nothing.” Around the same time I asked Eddie if he could describe himself in one word, what would it be? Eddie's response - “Dumb ass.” Eddie Harvey is a man that doesn't lack personality and the obvious humor, but the life that the man has lead is more than suggestive that dumb ass is not a viable word to describe this successful, very grounded, and caring man. In fact, though he has the ole southern drawl, which may mislead some, smart ass is the only variation of his response that would make sense, as the man is incredibly accomplished and successful. Eddie lived a hard life and worked to make it better. 3 years ago Eddie got saved and found Jesus Christ. He and his family attend New Beverly Baptist Church in Knoxville every Sunday night. Through his spiritual awakening, the witty and “smart ass” Eddie Harvey has changed significantly in temperament. Eddie had a relatively powerful temper and it has subsided in the last few years as he seems to have found some peace. Something that has not been very publicized about Eddie Harvey is his love for art. He attended art classes at the University of Tennessee and has several pieces that display his impressive artistic ability (we hope to include some of those pieces into this site over time).